Hygiene management includes regular and properly carried out disinfection measures. Disinfection is the basis for effective health prevention. In view of the growing risk of infectious diseases and the increasing resistance of pathogens, disinfection is more important than ever, especially to protect children, the elderly and so-called multimorbid people.

Definition of terms

What is cleaning?

Cleaning is the removal of visible dirt and invisible organic material in order to prevent microorganisms from multiplying in them.

What is disinfection?

Disinfection is the elimination or inactivation of pathogens with the aim of preventing the disinfected object from becoming infected.

Please note

Spectrum of activity of the disinfectants

Disinfectants are classified according to their spectrum of activity. It is important to note which microorganisms the respective disinfectant is effective against. This information can be found on the product label.

A distinction must be made between the following properties:

Bactericidal Works against bacteria
Fungicide Works against fungi
Limited virucidal Works against enveloped viruses such as COVID-19, Influenza, Hepaitis C & Hepatitis B viruses
Virucidal Works against all viruses, i.e. enveloped and non-enveloped viruses (e.g. noroviruses)

Products and application options

Nebulization disinfection – Hydroliq AIR / Hydroliq AIR Ultrasonic

With the nebulization disinfection (cold nebulization or ultrasonic nebulization) all rooms, e.g. Hotel rooms, fitness centers, airports, cosmetic studios, etc. can be disinfected through the indoor air. Our technology not only kills the contaminated aerosols in the air, but also disinfects all surfaces down to the smallest crack.

Car interior and air conditioning disinfection – Hydroliq CAR

Previous disinfection products and processes have caused damage to leather, plastic or metal surfaces in the interiors of vehicles. The process using compressed air nebulization and Hydroliq Car does not cause any damage to materials, people or animals. In addition, after ten minutes of disinfection, the vehicle can be fully used again without prior ventilation. Bacterial odors are not only masked but also completely eliminated.

Surface disinfection – Hydroliq PROFESSIONAL

Spray and wipe disinfection is used to eliminate germs on surfaces and is therefore a form of surface disinfection in which the disinfectant is distributed by wiping using suitable cleaning utensils. A thorough cleaning beforehand is required.

Hand disinfection – Hydroliq DESINFECTA

The hand disinfectant without alcohol and without synthetic ingredients was rated “Very Good” by Dermatest. It leaves no residue and can therefore also be used by children without any problems. Dry and chapped hands are also a thing of the past. This gives you additional protection, as germs cannot penetrate the fine cracks in the skin.

The effectiveness of our products and processes can be proven on the basis of extensive tests.

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