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Hydroliq produces water based disinfection solutions, without synthetic additives.

Our unique electrolysis process creates biocidal products that have the ability to eliminate viruses,
multi-resistant bacteria, spores and fungi within a very short time.

The products are harmless to humans and nature.


News - Covid-19 Prevention

Hydroliq Air Ultrasonic

Covid-19 Package

Our product is applied by ultrasonic atomization – completely harmless in the presence of people. This process disinfects surfaces and indoor air (e.g. at the family doctor, in hospitals, retirement homes, offices, factories, schools, restaurants cinemas, etc.).

Hydroliq Car Aerosol

Disinfection of car interiors

The solution is effectively applied by nebulizing with compressed air in the interior of the vehicle and thus leads to optimal hygiene conditions in the room air, the air conditioning system and on surfaces. The complete vehicle disinfection can be carried out easily and without additional effort in just 10 minutes.

Scope of Application

Healthcare facilities

Public buildings

Public transport

Gastronomy and hotel industry

Industry and commerce

Educational institutions

Beauty salon


Private area



Livestock breeding

How it works

Challenges of our time

Multi-resistant germs and bacteria, mutating influenza viruses and currently Covid-19 are among the challenges of our time and affect many areas of our everyday life. In this context, Hydroliq Pure Water Solutions is playing an important part within this problem solving.


Hydroliq has further developed a technology that has gone into the literature as chlorine alkali electrolysis and was developed especially for Russian space travel in the 1960s.

Hydroliq produces highly stable water-sodium chloride compounds that are harmless to humans and the environment and which permanently disinfect indoor air and surfaces via spray, wipe and immersion disinfection as well as nebulization.


An electrochemical manufacturing process produces a disinfectant solution that is pH-neutral and at the same time has a very high redox voltage.

The redox voltage is a measure of the germicidal and oxidative effect of disinfectants.

The redox voltage of all Hydroliq solutions is more than 750 millivolts (mV).

Tap water has an average redox voltage of approx. +300 mV. At a redox voltage of +500 mV, water is already sterile and from +550 mV it has a disinfecting effect.

At a redox voltage of +750 mV, the water is very disinfectant and eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and bacterial odors within a very short time.

Redox Potential Disinfection Time
+500 - 550 mV 167,0 Min
+550 - 600 mV 6,0 Min
+600 - 650 mV 1,7 Min
+650 - 700 mV 0,5 Min
+750 mV few seconds

Killing times of 99.99% E-coli depending on the redox
potential in water at a pH of 7.0

According to the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health
Hydroliq Pure Water Solutions have a disinfecting effect and eliminate

~ bacteria
~ viruses (enveloped viruses, such as influenza viruses and Covid-19)
~ yeast (mold, candida)

All Hydroliq solutions are expressly not classified as dangerous goods according to the Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals.

Unique Hygiene Technology

In contrast to conventional room or surface disinfectants, Hydroliq Pure Water Solutions are completely harmless to people and the environment, since no toxic decay products or residues are created. The treated surfaces and the rooms can be used by people immediately after or even during disinfection (e.g. by application using ultrasonic humidifiers or air conditioning systems).

Skin, mucous membranes and surfaces are not attacked.

Further Product Areas

Furthermore, Hydroliq Pure Water Solutions offers biocide solutions and hygiene concepts that are adapted to the respective areas of application (e.g. for agriculture, horticulture, sports facilities and golf courses, as well as for the veterinary area).


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Surface disinfection

Hand disinfection

Indoor air and surface disinfection using nebulization

Car interior and air conditioning disinfection using compressed air

Agriculture, sports facilities, horticulture

Disinfection and hygiene in the veterinary field

Application devices

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Cold Nebulizer & Thermal Fogger

Ultrasonic nebulizer, hand disinfenctant dispenser, etc.

Services and Hygiene Concepts

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Fare, Event & Room

Complete Solutions

Hydroliq Pure Water Solutions

~ eliminate viruses (e.g. Covid-19) and multi-resistant bacteria reliably, within very short time
~ are approved biocidal products
~ neutralize all bacterial smells
~ contain no alcohol and no synthetic additives
~ are non-toxic to humans, animals and the environment
~ contact reaction/ no exposure time (conventional disinfection with alcohol needs at least 30 seconds before wiping)
~ do not leave any caustic or toxic residues

~ have been dermatologically tested and found to be „EXCELLENT“

~ do not attack mucous membranes
~ protect the surfaces and materials
~ are heat and cold resistant
~ are guaranteed to last for 12 months after opening if properly stored
~ are not dangerous goods and are therefore unproblematic for storage, transport and usage



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About us

Hydroliq Pure Water Solutions

is a South African company with our head office  in Luzern Switzerland. Hydroliq produces natural water-based disinfection, we offer  sustainable products that effectively fight viruses, multi-resistant bacteria and other germs. We are located at the foot of Table Mountain, with a view to providing products to Sub Saharan Africa.

With our sustainable products we offer you effective solutions to fight viruses, multi-resistant bacteria and other germs.


We have set ourselves the objective of promoting responsibility for people and our planet. It is this obligation that drives us to do our best – day by day.


The permanent development of our product range for various areas of application testifies to innovation and quality. Our solutions are sustainable, prevail in the long term and will be state of the art.

Competent, faithful, passionate

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